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Designed for combat sports

Stick N Slip

The new solution to Slip Cord Training.

Designed by Professional Boxing Coaches with over 100 years of combined experience. It's never been so easy and fast to attach this new slip cord system to the ring for all combat sports.

Through magnetised clamps and an adjustable shock cord system, the Stick N Slip system can be attached and released in less than a minute. Gone are the days of broom handles, tying ropes with tape, losing time setting up the exercise routine and then losing more time taking it all down again. With Stick N Slip, it takes less than 1 minute from start to finish.

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Stick N Slip Product
Stick N Slip Product

Fastest Set Up In The Industry

The system can be attached and released in less than a minute.

The system is adjustable to fit ring sizes from 16 to 24ft. It comes with its own handy storage bag. If you want to set up diagonal slip ropes then it could not be easier - buy two Stick N Slip systems and where they meet in the middle, simply attach them together using the supplied velctro strap.

This is the first of a number of new product inventions coming to the market from Stick N Slip. All designed to improve training and effective professional coaching time management.

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What are the benefits of Stick N Slip?

- Fastest set up in the industry
- Safer to use
- Easier to incorporate into a training routine
- Adjustable from 16ft to 24ft rings
- Handy storage bag supplied
- Two system set up required for cross diagonal set up

Buy today for £39.95 or two for £70